Partying Responsibly

The Top Twelve Tipple Tips

Here are some useful tips to party responsibly and remembering your night for the right reasons:

  1. Always eat a substantial meal prior to drinking. Remember that this does not mean you get less drunk from drinking large quantities of alcohol: it just delays the effects as the food absorbs the alcohol.

  2. Make sure that your phone is fully charged and that key numbers are already in the memory for ease of calling if required.

  3. Pace yourself. Drink at your own pace. Alternating drinks with water or a soft drink can also help with this. This may also reduce the possibility of hangovers the next morning and still be out when the party is really getting going.

  4. Always try and stay with friends and not find yourself alone at the end of the night. Look after each other.

  5. Plan how you are going to get home beforehand and make sure you have enough money to get a taxi home if need be. Bear in mind, this time of year can be especially busy and taxis can be in high demand so if possible pre book.

  6. Wrap up! Alcohol can make the body lose heat.

  7. Enjoy your night, but enjoy your morning too. Remember that it takes about 1 hour (approximately) for each unit of alcohol to be processed by your body so be aware that you may still be over the limit the next morning (or depending how much you’ve had the night before, later the next day).

  8. Never leave drinks unattended as you can never be sure what’s in them after. Get your friends to look after any drinks whilst you visit the toilet or head out for a cigarette.

  9. Watch what goes online. You may think that the selfie where you and your friends are drunk looks good at 3am, but it is difficult to pull this back once something is online. Of course, the ‘selfle’ can be a good reminder of a good night but try to make sure it is a good reminder and not one you’d rather forget.

  10. If you are hungry by the end of the night (hopefully you have remembered to eat prior to going out!) a take away is best. You don’t want to be cooking having had a drink.

  11. Don’t mix any other substances with alcohol. This can be very risky and unpredictable as you don’t know what you are taking and can never be sure. Also try and not mix your drinks too much.

  12. If you are having a few drinks in the house before you head out remember that these measures will be more generous than those you would get in a bar or a club (see unit guide below)