Name change to “Alcohol & Drugs Action"

With effect from 4th April 2016

Drugs Action (DA) has formally changed its registered name to “Alcohol & Drugs Action”.


Alcohol & Drugs Action (ADA) is committed to reducing the harms associated with alcohol and drug use by providing a range of services and activities which prevent harms and promote recovery for individuals, families and communities across the North East of Scotland. 

The organisation has been operating for 30 years, and was originally set up in response to a gap in support for people with substance use issues back in 1986 and has since adapted to emerging local substance use issues. This includes becoming the third sector provider of alcohol services across Aberdeen city in 2014. To reflect this change in core business, the charity has formally changed its name with OSCR and Companies House.  The new name better reflects the range of services provided for people and families affected by both alcohol and drugs.



  • Over 40% of adults living in Aberdeen drink alcohol above the recommended limits
  • 26% of the population in Grampian are drinking at hazardous/ harmful levels
  • The Scottish Government has reported that days off work due to alcohol costs Scotland £200 million in productivity

Luan Grugeon, Chief Executive said; Alcohol causes more harm to people and families in the North East than the combined harms associated with illegal drugs. The dedicated team at Alcohol & Drugs Action is working hard to address these harms through our 7 day a week services and our educational interventions.  I hope the name change makes it clear that we see addressing alcohol as core business and would encourage anyone who would like advice regarding their own or a loved one’s drinking, to contact our daily helpline to access help and support.

In addition to the name change Alcohol & Drugs Action are taking the opportunity to look back at all the great work which has taken place over the last 30 years and would love to hear from anyone who has a recovery story past or present. Get in touch by emailing