Drugs & Alcohol Recovery Training

A very positive experience

Congratulations to the 57 people who have graduated from our DART (Drug & Alcohol Recovery Training) Scheme which also just celebrated its first anniversary.

So what is DART? This is a self and recovery Coaching course which allows people in recovery to be coached in reaching their goals then help others going through recovery by coaching them on what they have learned. At any stage of recovery people may want some one to one help to reflect on how their life is going, and where they want to get to, explore a specific aspect of their life and make progress or consider what makes them tick and what ‘holds them back’ in their personal development. Coaching can help a person look at all these areas. DART  self-recovery coaching programme is a six session programme which focusses on self-awareness, self-management and people skills. After completing our DART programme graduates will qualify with 4 credit points at SCQF level 7 and have the chance to go on and become a Recovery Coach to others.

“I honestly don’t think I would be as far forward in my recovery if it not for the coaching it helped me deal with stuff I’d put off, it works even when you’re not conscious of it working”

Interested? Then contact Dermot Craig on 07801530129 or Gavin Wright on 07525071523.