“My ADA worker has been instrumental in my journey to recovery”

“Absolutely great service. Fantastic. Would be lost without it”

ADA (Alcohol & Drugs Action) provides advice, information and targeted interventions on all drug issues, seven days a week. As well as offering services to those who use drugs in conjunction with alcohol, we also have specific services for those who use opiates, cocaine, new psychoactive substances (legal highs), solvents, performance and image enhancing drugs (steroids) and prescription/over-the-counter medications.

We believe in working with people at whatever stage they may be in their drug use. We do not believe that shock tactics or a 'just say no approach' works. Evidence shows that this is not effective in addressing drug use. We work alongside people to build trusting relationships and to provide appropriate, accurate and honest information to help them make informed choices and decisions. We also recognise that people need different levels of support at different times and work across the spectrum with people on preventing harmful use, reducing chaotic use and helping people to work towards and maintain recovery, including abstinence if appropriate.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact us via our helpline or drop in and see us at our city centre base in Aberdeen or one of our outreach locations. When you contact us you will be offered an assessment of need by an experienced worker who will be able to give you:

  • Immediate support, particularly if you are in crisis
  • Fast access to treatment services
  • Information, advice and interventions to reduce harm and promote recovery
  • Direct referrals to other services if required
  • Accurate and up-to-date advice/information on drugs and related issues
  • Immediate access to services at a variety of locations and times to suit your needs
  • Access to one-to-one and group support as appropriate to increase confidence and to promote recovery and healthy lifestyles
  • Ongoing structured work to support changes in drug use and related issues