Dear ADA

Special acknowledgement from Recovery Star award winner

Dear ADA Staff,

I recently received a Recovery Star award which I was really thrilled about as I have never won anything in my life before. This award is very special to me and I only achieved it thanks to the consistent help and support provided by DA staff.

This made me think about staff not getting any awards or any special acknowledgement for all the great work they do and that is why I thought I would put pen to paper to pass on my thoughts and thanks to you all.

There have been some massive positive changes for me this year. I am absolutely terrified of hospitals and yet thanks to the support of my ADA worker accompanying me there I was able to survive the experience of having corrective eye surgery earlier this year.

I am also travelling to Canada at Xmas time to see my family and this journey would not have been possible without a lot of assistance from my ADA workers Fiona and Angus contacting embassies and organising my passport etc.

You really don’t get enough credit for what you do for people like me and I sincerely hope that you continue to receive much needed funding to support all of the recovery services that you provide.

Thanks and best wishes to you all.

Jason Loughlin