ADA Family Support Group

“ADA has saved my life and my sanity!”

When someone uses substances it can have a detrimental effect on other people in their life.

At ADA, as well as offering a confidential non-judgmental service to substance users, we offer support to family, friends, loved ones and siblings, who are finding it difficult to understand or live with their loved ones substance use.

Reccurring difficulties significant others voice are issues such as believing that they are the only people going through these difficulties to a sense of helplessness in understanding their loved ones behaviour around substances.

Our Family Support Group meets every second Wednesday, here at 7 Hadden Street from 7pm until 9pm. The group offers confidential, non-judgemental peer support where family members can share experiences and feelings.

As well as the group, family and friends can have one to one support to discuss similar issues.

Here are some testimonies of family members who have accessed this service

  • “ this is a safe place to be brutally honest about your feelings about what’s going on”

  • “ADA feels like stability. It’s calm when things outside are quite chaotic”

  • “it provides a light when everything is dark”

  • “ADA has saved my life and my sanity!”


Coping Ideas for Families & Friends of Drug Users

Parents, friends and relatives of drug users who attend ADA’s Family & Friends Support Group put this list together. It is not intended to cover all situations, but all of this advice has been useful to the group members at various times whilst coping with the drug user:

Try to:

  • keep calm
  • find out facts about drugs
  • listen to the drug user - try not to judge
  • use telephone helplines e.g. ADA
  • speak to the drug user about drugs
  • talk about health
  • be supportive to the drug user
  • encourage and support the drug user to have a daily routine
  • set realistic ground rules e.g. limits on your use of phone, who visits your home, drug use at home
  • try to keep the family unit together
  • try to get on with your life
  • look after yourself
  • ask for help
  • choose a friend or two (usually no more) for regular support
  • get regular support from a drugs worker or Family & Friends Support Group
  • be positive

Try not to:

  • panic
  • over-react
  • shout
  • fight
  • criticise or be suspicious
  • use terms like ‘junkie’ or ‘druggie’
  • always label the person as a drug user
  • mention drugs all the time
  • break ground rules
  • do everything for the person using drugs
  • let it take over your life
  • blame yourself or feel guilty
  • be ashamed and keep it a secret

To contact this important service you can call our helpline on 01224 594700 or phone Heather or Lindsay on 01224 577120. You can also simply pop in past ADA main office at 7 Hadden Street Monday to Friday between 9.30am-1pm and 2pm-5pm and Saturday and Sunday’s 1pm-2pm.